Summer Festivals

June and July sees the begininngs of festival time Stamford Food and Drink Festival 2016 has myself and Ivan playing some cool jazz and blues on the big stage from 6-7pm Friday 17th June.
July 2-8th is The Oundle Fringe Festival myself and Peter are doing a number of gigs that week in various venues around Oundle on a "mini tour'as Peter put it. You cna check out their website for all their goings on. 

"The main week will see an eclectic mix of entertainment. A dance night headlined by Tap & Sync, Jazz with Sara Hawkes, classical from The Rusty Strings and the Ruffs, Rock with the Feastie Boys, Gone to the Dogs and many more, an Irish Concert with Ruff & Ready, Bluegrass with the Down County Boys etc etc.There will be art events and poetry, choirs and campfires…… 

Please watch this space the full programme will be available shortly

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