Spring is in The Air!

The days are growing longer and Festival time will be with us soon. Plans are afoot for appearances in the area so look out for gigs around the Peterborough area this summer, I will soon be adding information to my site. This year I have set myself some goals, both personal and professional which in my opinion is always a useful exercise. The first one was getting some professional headshots done some of which you can see in the photos section on my website. These were taken by the very skilled Thomas Byron who certainly made me feel relaxed and good about the whole experience as Im not very keen on seeing myself in print!
Another very important professional goal is to spend more time improving my vocal technique so I have been revisiting some classical baroque pieces probably as far removed from Jazz and Blues as you can get -but the thing about classical singing is that it is more technically demanding and highlights all those bad habits that one indulges in and makes you look closely at those elements of technique that all singers need whatever genre they sing, such as attack, breath control, pitch accuracy and support. 
Next goal is to continue to develop my songwriting skills so recently i have got together with Leigh Odlin well known for his recording in the area and his film making but he also composes so we are having a go at writing the music to some Elizabethan song lyrics and giving it a modern twist will be interesting to see what emerges! Hey nonny no!!!
Please check back at my website for further information regarding live performances later in the year.

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